Where can I buy Dextrose?

Dextrose_2014_noshadow“Where can I buy dextrose?”

Great question that we are often asked and we’re delighted to say right here! We have our very own dextrose that is specifically for cooking and baking.

We sell The Sugar Breakup Dextrose (glucose powder) and Organic Golden Rice Malt Syrup direct to you with a flat delivery fee for up to 5kg. Jump into our eStore here. You don’t have to leave the house, it comes straight to your door!
If you are in the Melbourne area we have a number of Retailers selling our Dextrose and Golden Rice Malt Syrup. Find a Retailer here and pick up your dextrose next time you’re shopping. (And yes we’ll be in other states soon, stay tuned!)

“What is the difference between The Sugar Breakup Dextrose, brewer’s dextrose and glucose powder used by weightlifters?”

This is another question we get asked a lot. Here’s some key differences between our Dextrose and others:

The Sugar Breakup Dextrose is for cooking & baking
After extensive testing we selected the best dextrose for cooking & baking. The Sugar Breakup Dextrose tastes great & gives consistent results in cooking especially in recipes that are designed for dextrose. Find more than 70(!) free recipes using our Dextrose & Organic Golden Rice Malt Syrup here.

The Sugar Breakup Dextrose is from one manufacturer
Some brewers combine dextrose from different manufacturers so there can be inconsistencies in the bags and between bags. Fine for brewing, not for baking.

Can be used in your cooking straight from the bag
Glucose powder used by weightlifters is often granulated so needs to be refined in a blender to be used in cooking. Our dextrose is the perfect consistency to cook with straight from the bag, no refining required.

Can be as easy as replacing sugar with dextrose in your favourite recipes
A lot of traditional recipes are easily converted to fructose free with our dextrose. Checkout our guide to Cooking with The Sugar Breakup Dextrose here.

Got another question?? You might have noticed we love answering questions so if you’ve got one don’t hold back, let us know! Use the comments below or drop us a line at info@thesugarbreakup.com

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