Cooking with The Sugar Breakup Dextrose

What is the difference between The Sugar Breakup Dextrose, brewer’s dextrose and glucose powder used by weightlifters?

There’s some key differences between our Dextrose and others:

The Sugar Breakup Dextrose is for cooking & baking
After extensive testing we selected the best dextrose for cooking & baking. The Sugar Breakup Dextrose tastes great & gives consistent results in cooking especially in recipes that are designed for dextrose. Find more than 80(!) free recipes using our Dextrose & Organic Golden Rice Malt Syrup here.

The Sugar Breakup Dextrose is from one manufacturer
Some brewers combine dextrose from different manufacturers so there can be inconsistencies in the bags and between bags. Fine for brewing, not for baking.

Can be used in your cooking straight from the bag
Glucose powder used by weightlifters is often granulated so needs to be refined in a blender to be used in cooking. Our dextrose is the perfect consistency to cook with straight from the bag, no refining required.

How to convert a sugar recipe to be sugar free

Here’s some tips that will make converting your traditional sugar recipes into fructose free easy.

One cup of sugar means one cup of Dextrose

Buy The Sugar Breakup DextroseThe Sugar Breakup Dextrose converts cup for cup with sugar. If the recipe says use 1 cup of sugar then use 1 cup of The Sugar Breakup Dextrose.

Weight matters 250g of Sugar = 180g of The Sugar Breakup Dextrose

scalesThe Sugar Breakup Dextrose is lighter than sugar. A cup of sugar weighs approximately 250g, a cup of The Sugar Breakup Dextrose weighs approximately 180g. So if a recipe is done by weight not cups then multiple the sugar weight by 0.72.  For example:
125g of sugar = 90g of Dextrose
60g of sugar = 43g of Dextrose

Add more liquid

butterDextrose soaks up more fluid then sugar so you may need to add a little more of the liquid ingredients. Eg: if the recipe recommends 125g of butter increase this to 140g

Use large eggs

eggsAlways use large eggs when cooking with Dextrose.

Turn the oven temperature down

Temperature control on an ovenIn cakes dextrose can cook faster than sugar so we recommend you turn the oven down 10C from the sugar recipe temperature. Eg: If the sugar recipe says 180C, then turn the oven down to 170C and keep an eye on your cake as you approach the anticipated cook time.

Double line with baking paper

cake tinFor best results double line your cake and biscuit tins with non-stick paper.

Click here for over 80 delicious recipes!

14 thoughts on “Cooking with The Sugar Breakup Dextrose

    • Hi Tara,

      Unfortunately dextrose has a higher water content than sugar so can make meringues tricky. If you want a soft meringue (say for a lemon meringue pie) it will be fine but not ok for a firm crunchy meringue.

  1. Can you convert 1 cup Rice Malt Syrup to grams for me? I prefer to cook/measure by weight. Especially since your RMS is so gorgeously gooey!

  2. I have decided to try Dextrose in for my baking. Tonight I baked some favorites, Vanilla Biscuits. I was very pleased with the texture and Moistness, but alas no crispness like usual in my biscuits. I have a feeling this will be the case with Dextrose biscuits. Can anyone please prove me wrong.

    • Getting a crispness in a biscuit is the ‘holy grail’ of fructose free cooking. What we have discovered; its good to use some RMS as well as the dextrose. When using the RMS you need to increase the dry ingredients like the flour, cocoa etc. it depends on the recipe. Have a look at our biscuit section in our recipe page and see what we’ve been doing. A really good example is our chocolate biscuit recipe. These biscuits come up lovely and crispy with a combination of the two. If you’re still not sure send though your biscuit recipe to us and we will tweak it for you.

  3. My son is allergic to almonds, so cannot use almond meal in baking, can you please suggest what is an alternative that can be used. Thanks.

  4. Hi, each year I do brandied cherries…this year I have done a batch with dextrose!! instead of sugar….it is a gamble for me and I wondered if you know if it is a suitable replacement for sugar in this sort of recipe…
    sugar and water are boiled, sugar disolved, add cherries until just poached. I then put them into jars, half fill with brandy, reduce the juice and then fill the jars to the top with it.
    many thanks,

  5. Hi, loving your recipes. When you say use large eggs, what size have you tested the recipes with? The ones with XL on them at the supermarket are around 60 grams in shell (carton states for edible portion 2 eggs 104 gm). Thanks.

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