We ♥ Glucose

Glucose is the energy of life


From our brain, to our organs and muscles, every cell in your body can use glucose, it’s what we are supposed to eat. In fact, glucose is such a great fuel that just about everything living in the world can utilise this sugar. It’s that good!

Glucose is easily absorbed

During digestion glucose is absorbed directly into the blood stream. When we eat glucose the body uses around 80% of the glucose as it travels through the body. Then the last 20% ends up in the liver, which knows exactly what to do with it.

Compare this with Fructose. Fructose is also absorbed into the blood stream during digestion. But when fructose is going through your body all your cells say, “Ah, no thanks don’t need that” and the poor liver gets hit with whatever the body couldn’t breakdown. Often close to 100% of what you consumed especially if there’s no fibre.

Your liver knows exactly what to do with Glucose

The liver converts the 20% glucose to glycogen and can store a large amount of it. It’s a non-toxic form of sugar storage and you can use this up at other times e.g. during exercise.

Glucose is important to your appetite control

Glucose provides a feedback loop between the glucose levels, the liver, pancreas and brain. This helps you to keep a normal eating pattern and a normal energy balance.

Cooking with Glucose is easy

Buy The Sugar Breakup DextroseUsing The Sugar Breakup Dextrose you can still make your favourite biscuits, cakes and pudding. Learn more about cooking with The Sugar Breakup Dextrose here.

Glucose is a good type of sugar

But don’t forget, Glucose is still a type of sugar and a fuel. You still want to make sure you eat this in a balanced way and returning your body to an energy stable state by being fructose free will certainly help.

3 thoughts on “We ♥ Glucose

  1. Hi, I am currently doing my best to give up sugar, I have David Gillespie'”s quit sugar cookbook and love it.I am now looking for ore recipes and find your site great. Do you only have your book available as an ebook? It is getting easier to read the labels and make better choices.

  2. I have quit sugar and have made your fab vanilla icecream , my question about dextrose Is .l while my family is still having their hits of sugar are they able to enjoy dextrose as well? I have read you shouldn’t use dextrose until you have detoxed from sugar is this correct? And if so can you explain why. Thanks

    • Hi Jolene, some people go cold turkey off sugar then onto fructose free sweeteners such as Dextrose or Rice Malt Syrup, some do a slow transition with a little cross over. David Gillespie in the Sweet Poison Quit Plan gives some great advice about transitioning across, highly recommend reading.

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