Sugarfree Christmas Cake


Sugarfree Christmas CakeChristmas cake without dried fruit seemed almost impossible, but we have created a really delicious alternative.

This cake is full of Christmas spices with a delicious toffee nut topping.

Serve warm or cold – it’s a great Christmas cake for the festive season!

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Nut Mince Pies


nut mince pies 520wWe love the food at Christmas time, but most of the recipes are packed full of dried fruit and sugar.

This year, The Sugar Breakup team are turning many traditional Christmas recipes into sugar free Christmas classics!

We decided to start with fruit mince pies, an absolute Christmas classic and loved by all ages. We’ve called ours the Nut Mince Pie. The results were spectacular, all of your family and friends will enjoy them.
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Christmas Spiced Nuts


xmas spiced nuts 510w exposure christmas jpg dsc060331These nuts are great to have in the house when guests pop in for a drink (or two) of Christmas cheer and you want something to nibble on.

We’ve also noticed spiced nuts at the shops can be quite expensive. These nuts can make a fantastic gift wrapped in a bit of cellophane and ribbon. Have friends think you’ve slaved away on a handmade gift when they actually took only minutes to make!