Cooking with Lemons


lemonsLemons are known as a “flavour catalyst” which means they get the taste buds going helping other foods come to life. Lemons are acidic so their juice is great in marinades for weeknight meals as the acid helps to tenderise the meat quickly (but don’t marinate for too long as they can then turn the meat tough). And using the lemon zest (the outer yellow skin/rind removed from the lemon) can add a strong citrus flavour to your cook as it is full of concentrated lemon oils.

If your lemon tree has gone into overdrive you are probably trying to think of clever ideas for using them. Passing them on to family, friends and neighbours is great but here are a couple of extra things you could do.

Preserved Lemons

Are fantastic in summer salads (using the zest) or blitzed into sauces and dressings to add a salty and tangy flavour. Jamie Oliver used them a lot in 15 Minute Meals to add flavour to dishes quickly. But why pay for them, if you’ve got free lemons in the garden they are incredibly easy to make!
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