The Sugar Breakup Hot 10 recipes


Triple J’s hottest 100 has inspired us to do The Sugar Breakup hot 10.

These are the recipes that we keep coming back to, and you the readers tell us are your faves. It was so hard to choose, we love them all.

hot 10 10 b corsican cheesecake ten 10 300w 300hAt number ten is the Gluten Free Corsican Cheesecake. Julia was inspired during the 2013 Tour de France by chef Gabriel Gate to create this absolutely delightful recipe. Our dextrose works wonderfully with dairy and its such a treat that even your sugar filled friends will ask for another slice.

hot 10 09 b cookie 2 nine 9 300w 300h crop exposureComing in at ninth place is the Ridiculously delicious peanut butter cookies. A Sugar Breakup crew member was reminiscing about his US Mum’s cookies and Fiona was inspired to create this buttery cookie. If you’re partial to a little bit of 85% dark chocolate, when you bake these cookies and whilst they’re still hot out of the oven, put a disc of dark chocolate in the centre of each cookie and let it melt through. Incredible and irresistible.

hot 10 08 b GF Cinnamon Coconut Cookies eight 8 300w 300h exposureJulia’s number eight is the Gluten Free Cinnamon Coconut Cookies. Great as a sugar free treat for the kids and so easy to make. Julia even made them on her travels in the US to starve off temptation at Disney world!

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