Happy Baking with The Sugar Breakup Dextrose


How do I convert a sugar recipe to a dextrose recipe?

By popular request, this week we are answering the questions you’ve been sending us about cooking with The Sugar Breakup Dextrose. With some simple changes, cooking with dextrose is easy. Read on for cooking success!

The Sugar Breakup DextroseIs cooking with The Sugar Breakup Dextrose the same as cooking with sugar?

Dextrose has about 70% the sweetness of sugar.

Once you are sugar free you no longer need its extreme sweetness but if you are cooking for sugar lovers then recipes with a little more dextrose work well for them.

1 cupThe Sugar Breakup Dextrose converts cup for cup with sugar

For example:
– If the recipe says use 1 cup of sugar then use 1 cup of The Sugar Breakup Dextrose.

It’s a simple 1:1 conversion when using cup measurements. Continue reading