Have you seen our new eCookbook?


Have you seen our latest eCookbook, Classic Collection: Family Favourites?

Filled with delicious, classic recipes that are super easy to make, like these marshmallows! All the recipes are refined sugar free using our Dextrose and Golden Rice Malt Syrup to be low fructose or completely fructose free.

Make sure you check it our in our eStore. At only $5.95 you’ll love this cookbook.

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Classic Collection Family Favourites eCookbook


Classic collection 2

Time to get excited because our Classic Collection cookbook range is here with the first in the series: Family Favourites!

Dedicated to a childhood inspired to create and cook, we’ve taken really classic recipes; think chocolate chip cookies, soufflé, carrot cake, chocolate caramel slice, mud cake, creme caramel plus many more and made them low fructose/fructose free.

Plus here’s some huge news, we’ve cracked MERINGUE!! Learn how to make crispy meringues using golden rice malt syrup.

Click here to grab a copy now from our eStore, 35 recipes for only $5.95.

Happy baking, we know you’ll love it.

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Our New ECookbook is Coming Soon


Family favourites cover page

We are super excited to show you the cover of our latest eCookbook: Classic Collection Family Favourites, which will be available from our e-store later this week.

Inspired by a childhood spent cooking in the kitchen. It’s filled with 34 classic baking recipes and all for only $5.95.

Learn to make crispy meringues, chocolate molten hot pots, buttercream icing (that you can pipe) and loads more.

This book will become your family favourite as you learn to recreate classic recipes refine sugar free.

Watch this space for when its available to download. Can’t wait to share this book.

Love Fiona & Julia xx

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Gluten Free Corsican Cheesecake (Fiadone Corse)


Turn cheese cake

As The Sugar Breakup Dextrose works wonderfully with dairy we are always on the lookout for interesting cheesecakes.

In 2013 when we saw Gabriel Gaté making Fiadone Corse (or Corsican Cheesecake) during le Tour de France we knew we had to try it sugar free. It is an absolute delight and the perfect recipe if you are looking for something special for Father’s Day.
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Bread & Butter Pudding Using Scones


Scones and butter pudding

It’s a very wintery day in Melbourne. Lots & lots of rain and we don’t want to leave the house. So after making some delicious scones for breakfast we decided to make the leftovers into version of bread & pudding pudding for dessert tonight.

This recipe is simple to make. If you don’t have scones just use bread or even hot cross buns.

  • Serves: 8
  • Oven temp: 180°C (160°C fan forced)
  • Cook time: approximately 60 minutes
  • Pan: 2 litre pudding or baking dish

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