Cinnamon Buns – A Fiona Favourite


Cinnamon bun single

It must be the Christmas songs and decorations in the shops because recently I feel like all things cinnamon. I decided to make some cinnamon buns to sate this urge. This time I experimented a little and have made some changes to my original recipe.

The updates include adding a little more yeast, waiting a little longer whilst it grows in size and to roll the pastry out much thinner. Such a great success, the buns are much fluffier and lighter in texture. Plus they’re still absolutely delicious.

If you are a traditionalist I have included the recipe for the cream cheese frosting for that authentic finished flavour.

This batch was made in my Thermomix; instructions included. I’m now thinking I’ll make these over Christmas for the family this year.

Happy baking,


  • Makes: 12 buns
  • Tray: 1 lamington tray lined with baking paper
  • Oven temperature: 190°C (170°C if using fan forced)
  • Baking time: 15-20 minutes
  • Prep Time: 2.5 hours

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World Cake Day 2015


World cake day 2015

Did you know that November 26, 2015 is World Cake Day!

To celebrate we want to make sure you know about all of the fabulous free cake recipes in our catalog, plus the yummy new recipes in our eCookbook Classic Collection: Family Favourites.

From this photo you’ll find on our website and cookbook the following delicious cake recipes:

Gluten Free Corsican Cheesecake:
Chocolate Log Cake:
Coconut Raspberry Loaf:
Butterscotch Banana Cake:
Sticky Date-Less Pudding:
Swiss Roll: Classic Collection: Family Favourites
Gluten Free Chocolate Mud cake:
Pear Tarte Tatin:

This is just a small sample of what we have on offer. So do yourself a favour and check out our recipe site and cookbooks.

We get tremendous pleasure creating these recipes for you and hope you enjoy them. Happy world cake day.

Fiona and Julia @the sugar breakup

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Sticky Date-Less Pudding


Thank you to everyone who voted this week between sticky date-less pudding and carrot cake. It was decided by just one vote! Neck and neck to the end.


Here is the recipe straight out of our great new eCookbook Classic Collection: Family Favourites. With over 35 great recipes, grab a copy from our store for only $5.95.

Hope you enjoy baking this delicious sticky yummy pudding, not forgetting that it’s fructose free and gluten/grain free!

Sticky dateless pudding

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Sticky Date-less Pudding vs Carrot Cake



Sticky Date-less Pudding


Carrot Cake

We really want to share another fab receipe from our latest cookbook Classic Collection: Family Favourites, so we need your help.

Which recipe would you like to make?

Is it our delicious carrot cake recipe that is an old fashioned favourite without all of the vegetable oils and sultanas. It has a wonderful rich moist taste.

But what about our sticky date-less pudding? It has all of the yummy sticky sensation without the dates. The texture is gorgeous and its gluten/grain free with a rich butterscotch sauce.

So hard to decide, just look at the pictures again! We want you to let us know which one to pick and the recipe will be shared this Sunday.

And if you can’t decide; then do yourself a favour and buy our new eCookbook Classic Collection: Family Favourites, for only $5.95.

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Absolutely Delicious Scones



We’ve had a huge month of family visitors thanks to the gorgeous wedding of one of our sisters. So lots of requests for our family favourite scones. Here’s the recipe below and it’s also included in our latest eCookbook, Classic Collection: Family Favourites. In this case we made half cheese scones and half sugar free classic scones.

A good scone is actually surprisingly easy to make and the less you do to them the better.

Below is our absolute favourite fool proof recipe and we’ve added the Thermomix instructions as well.

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