Christmas Bake-Off

Wow, we have been looking through our recipe vault and re-discovering all our favourite Christmas recipes, there are so many! To help you guys out over the next couple of weeks we are putting them all together in neat little packages.

We’re kicking off today with Christmas Cookies, Truffles & Nuts.

Perfect for Christmas gifts or just a little something to pull out when visitors pop in for some Christmas cheer. Ring out the bells for this super 7….

basic xmas cookie 1 530w exposure1. Basic Christmas Biscuit

Great all round biscuit for decorating, hanging on the tree or using as a base in Rum Balls. We make this biscuit every year without fail.


rum-balls 520w exposure2. Rum Balls

An absolute favourite, our Christmas table is never without them. Incredibly easy for the kids to make.


tsbu gf lemon truffles 530w exposure gluten free jpg3. Lemon Truffles (Gluten Free)

Little bite size morsels of goodness. These lemon truffles taste like our old favourite lemon slice. Great to go with the rum balls on the Christmas table.


4. Biscotti

The perfect ‘gift’ biscuit. Easy to make, they look gorgeous when wrapped up, don’t need refrigeration and last for weeks if wrapped air tight. We’ll be baking them this weekend for presents.


5. Gluten Free Florentines

Our mum is a big Florentine fan so we’ll be making these for her this Christmas. You can use any mix of nuts, coconut or cereals that you like.


xmas spiced nuts 510w exposure christmas jpg dsc0603316. Christmas Spiced Nuts (GF)

Who doesn’t love munching on nuts at Christmas? The perfect mix of salt, sweet and spicy lift an ordinary nut into a delicious Christmas snack! Again perfect to wrap up as a gift or have ready to go for visitors.


tsbu cheesy seedy crackers 300w exposure jpg image107. Cheesy Seedy Crackers (GF)

The perfect cracker to have with a cheese board in the afternoon. Another recipe that can be made gluten free and they store really well for use across the party season.


And that’s only the beginning. Don’t forgot to stop by our online shop for your Dextrose and Rice Malt Syrup supplies and keep an eye out for more posts on cakes and puddings plus snacks for Christmas Day, coming soon!

tsbu signoff julia fiona 815x85

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