Sticky Date-less Pudding vs Carrot Cake


Sticky Date-less Pudding


Carrot Cake

We really want to share another fab receipe from our latest cookbook Classic Collection: Family Favourites, so we need your help.

Which recipe would you like to make?

Is it our delicious carrot cake recipe that is an old fashioned favourite without all of the vegetable oils and sultanas. It has a wonderful rich moist taste.

But what about our sticky date-less pudding? It has all of the yummy sticky sensation without the dates. The texture is gorgeous and its gluten/grain free with a rich butterscotch sauce.

So hard to decide, just look at the pictures again! We want you to let us know which one to pick and the recipe will be shared this Sunday.

And if you can’t decide; then do yourself a favour and buy our new eCookbook Classic Collection: Family Favourites, for only $5.95.

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