Gingerbread Halloween Teddies

gingerbread Halloween teddies

Looking for some fun inspiration for Halloween? We’ve created gingerbread Halloween teddies for trick or treat & think they’ve come up hilariously gorgeous.

Find the recipe for the gingerbread in our new eCookbook, Classic Collection: Family Favourites. These were so much fun to create. The hearts & eyes are made up of dyed gingerbread dough and we used 85% dark chocolate to create the stitching. The stitching was placed using a toothpick and gently drawing it on with the melted chocolate.

Have a spooky & kooky Halloween.

Love Fiona & Julia

Family favourites cover page

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4 thoughts on “Gingerbread Halloween Teddies

  1. Dear Tara! I, for one, think that the team at Sugar Breakup is doing a great service to us all, with a lot of work and generosity. I will order the second one knowing it is, once again, a great bargain. Girls thanks a lot and keep going! Jacques Cote.

  2. Thinking that the recipes you post were great and thats the reason why I bought the stuff. Now you are charging for your recipes? I know, not much but its a bit cheap and thus makes me re-think ordering my stuff from you. Just letting you know. I could be wrong it just sits that way with me. I could be the only one rolling my eyes over it. Your product and recipes are good so I am not saying this with any mean intent, just sharing my thoughts. Tara Adermann

    • Hi Tara,
      Thanks for your message, we really appreciate your support for our products. We have over 100 free recipes on our website so plenty there to choose from. This is our second eCookbook and something a little different for us to try out. We have also received feedback from followers who enjoy having recipes consolidated into a book (they’re not so keen on searching online) so trying to cater for everyone’s different tastes. We try our best to keep our recipe development costs down and at $5.95 for 35 recipes in a professionally formatted layout we strive to offer good value. Again, many thanks for your support. Julia & Fiona

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