Meet Kaylea from Gluten Free Feast

Gluten free feast

We are so happy to present our gorgeous friend Kaylea from Gluten Free Feast.  Kaylea has contributed a delicious raw grain free Choc Caramel Slice to our new Get Your Bake-on! eCookbook. Here she shares her story.

Tell us about yourself…

I am a 27 year old, recently retired Flight Attendant. I am happily married and expecting our first child in May next year. After nearly eight years in the air I decided to call it quits to focus on establishing Gluten Free Feast and finishing my certificate in food, lifestyle and wellness coaching.

1. What does gluten free mean?

Gluten free means there is no trace of gluten proteins (found in wheat, rye, barley and oats) in food. Living gluten free means living without wheat, rye, barley or oats and their products.

2. When did you become gluten free and why?

I started my gluten free lifestyle in September 2013 after a blood test confirmed I couldn’t tolerate gluten.

3. What are the challenges when you’re gluten free?

Travelling. Travelling can be a tough one especially is you are travelling internationally with liquid and quarantine restrictions on carriers that do not offer special meals.

4. What’s your daily healthy habit?

First thing in the morning I guzzle a pint of tepid water to wake my digestive system up.

5. What’s always in your fridge? And what are your pantry essentials?

There is always eggs and mustard in my fridge. You can make so many healthy, high protein, cheap and quick meals from eggs. Mustard can enhance sauces, dressings and soups in so many ways. Pantry essentials for me are cannellini beans and tinned tomatoes, they’re so versatile, healthy and budget friendly.

6. What’s your core advice to people who are gluten free or are thinking about going gluten free?

It is important to get enough vitamins, minerals and fibre that you miss out on from other sources. If you are choosing to go gluten free, ensure you are making the decision for a “cleaner” lifestyle and not going to eat heavily processed sugar laden prepackaged gluten free foods.

7. What’s your favourite foodie experience in your state or city and why?

Perth has some amazing restaurants with excellent talent but I have got to say my favourite foodie experience was actually in New Orleans at a restaurant called Conchon. I have never had oysters like it. Four of us went through three platters of them whilst waiting for our table.

8. What’s your favourite cookbook and/or blog?

Tough question and I cannot give you a definitive one person answer. I adore Gordan Ramsay and Nigella Lawson’s books. I love how homely they are and enjoy the challenge of making their recipes healthier and gluten free.

9. Tell us about Gluten Free Feast and how it started.

Gluten Free Feast is a website for those looking for gluten free healthy recipes that aren’t too much faffing about- I have no time for that, and most people are in the same boat.
It started as a Instagram account of my food photos and progressed to Facebook, Twitter, our website and Youtube.

10. What’s in the future for Gluten Free Feast?

Early December we shall be releasing our e-book for the festive season.

For all you gluten free lovers find more recipes and information on:

Facebook: Gluten Free Feast         Twitter & Instagram:  @glutenfreefeast

And if you want to try Gluten Free Feasts’ Raw Choc Caramel Slice and a bunch of other delicious recipes pop by our eStore and grab a copy of Get Your Bake-On! for the teeny price of $4.95.

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