Are You Featured In Our First e-Cookbook?

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It was hard to choose a winner from so many fabulous entries in our recent Facebook competition. So it’s wonderful to be able to share some delicious creations from talented home cooks.

You are all so inspiring and to our contributors – a copy of ‘Get Your Bake-On!’ e-Cookbook is coming your way.

So without further ado, here are the featured contributors:

  • Our overall winner Victoria shares her gorgeous golden gaytime caramel ice creams, chocolate mousse peanut butter swirl tarts and sneakers slice.
  • Perrin wowed us with her hot fudge self saucing pudding which was the first recipe Julia tried at home. We were that excited.
  • Sophie delighted us with her heartbreakingly gorgeous 1st birthday berry cake with coconut frosting.
  • Anita’s banoffee pies and Black Forest cheesecake are both delicious and easy to make.
  • Emily’s raw slices not only look gorgeous, but are delicious and vegan. She’s managed to create these gorgeous raw bars without dates.
  • Yasmin cleverly devised a refined sugar free classic by recreating a yoyo biscuit. She even gave us a taste test!
  • India supplied us with a couple of gorgeous recipes and we found her brown vanilla madeleines fantastic.
  • Emma gave us some deliciously clever healthy red velvet cupcakes.
  • Sally-Ann’s raspberry crumble with coconut custard is the starring picture in our recipe page. Such a great recipe for the family.
  • Jynni from Red Hill Recipes created her fabulously different chocolate mousse topped sponge cupcakes. Great for any party, we loved making this recipe.
  • Christine serves up a classic by creating a delicious basic lemon cake.
  • And finally we have Dale’s tried and tested wonderful caramel popcorn. An absolute crowd pleaser.

'Get Your Bake-on' Recipe ebook by The Sugar Breakup

Grab a copy of the ‘Get Your Bake-on’ Recipe ebook here — to get all these great recipes — plus even more created by The Sugar Breakup.

Happy baking!

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