Five Days, Five Ways With Our Golden Rice Malt Syrup

GoodnessMe box open

This is what arrived in the August GoodnessMe Box. It was an absolute winner of ingredients almost all of which could combine wonderfully with our golden RMS. Last week GoodnessMe box wrote a fantastic post on their website ‘Five Days, Five Ways With Rice Malt Syrup’ and we just have to share their story.

On day one they have created a yummy ‘go-to peanut butter sauce which they use in their Asian cooking. Say goodbye to the overly sweet, refined sugar laden sauces and hello to this fabulous fructose free, delicious version.

Day two sees them creating a chocolate chai hot drink. We are obsessed with chai and haven’t tried a chocolate version yet. So simple and easy to make, plus be paleo inspired by using your fave coconut milk.

Our raspberry chia seed jam is their day three creation. Have you made jam yet with RMS? It’s so easy to make and lasts for at least a week in the fridge. Check out our recipe:

GoodnessMe Box aren’t all about the sweet, so on day four they recommend our spicy coconut chips. Such a healthy addition to any salads as summer fast approaches:

Day five is halva style toast! Be still our beating hearts – yum! Rye bread, sour dough or gluten free plus our golden rice malt syrup, pure tahini, cinnamon and fruit. They say its like having dessert for breakfast. We say bring it on.

So head over to the GoodnessMe Box website and check out this post and enjoy many more great stories:

GoodnessMe box closed

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