Health Magic

Health magic

We have a soft spot for Kaye and Colin at Health Magic because they were the first distributors to take on The Sugar Breakup products. This is a picture of Julia going on her first ever ride-on with Rhiannon from Health Magic.

We are in love with their morrish mix of sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds and sesame seeds roasted in tamari and there’s plenty to share around in our prize packs. So it’s our absolute pleasure to have them in our fabulous Facebook Competition.

Here’s their story:

“Health Magic has been operating in Australia since 2000. We believe that life is about balance, minimising the bad and maximising the good that life has to offer. We strive to bring you new and interesting products that are free from artificial ingredients, all natural and offer a health benefit.”

“We nurture strong and enduring relationships with our customers and suppliers through trust, reliability, and continually strive to deliver excellent customer service. We are passionate about the brands that we represent.”

“Kaye whose major passion is in natural health has completed her degree in Naturopathy and this provides the foundation for our “better for you” approach to the market.”

“What we stand for is delivering tasty foods that can be incorporated into every day foods for an added nutritional boost.”

“Our seeds can be a snack on their own or added to various dishes to add a savoury punch that delivers extra magnesium & B6 from the sunflower seeds & sesame seeds, iron & calcium from the sesame seeds, and zinc & magnesium from pumpkin seeds. As many foods are nutrient depleted in our modern world boosting our dishes with these tasty morsels is quick, easy and a natural approach to health and wellbeing.”

“We call them nature’s little multi-vitamins.”

In our prize packs we have deliciously moorish Health Magic seeds roasted in tamari sauce. Only a couple of days left to enter our Get Your Bake-on Facebook competition, so enter a photo, recipe or both, of your creations made using rice malt syrup or dextrose: You will then have a chance to win other gorgeous products from Brookfarm, “Sweet As” cookbook from Hungry Tums, J’adore Raw, Equagold, Melinda’s Gluten Free Goodies, Mayvers, Health Magic and of course The Sugar Breakup Organic Golden Rice Malt Syrup and Dextrose.

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