J’adore Raw: Superfood In Our Pantry

J'adore raw prize pack

Raw food is here to stay and over the past couple of years we have discovered the magic of chia seed, quinoa and coconut. We were delighted when J’adore Raw agreed to be a competition partner. It’s another look into our pantries and what we are using not only in our baking but our everyday cooking. Salads with quinoa, chia seed pudding for breakfast, almonds for a snack etc. Such great superfoods.

Have a look what we’ve got in our prize packs: Black quinoa, chia seeds, raw almonds, criollo cacao butter and coconut oil!

Here’s what J’adore Raw have to say about their products:

“J’adore simply translated from French is “I adore”. The brand was inspired by our love for un-processed, organic, nutrient rich food and so J’adore Raw was created.”

“J’adore Raw™ is a diverse range of Organic Raw Superfood sourced from the purest ingredients from around the globe. J’adore Raw™ makes superfood available and relatable to everyone – not only health experts and yogi’s! We aim to promote nutrition convenience, making it easy for people to experience optimum wholefoods within their everyday lives. Our goal at J’adore Raw is to promote all things natural, clean, organic and unprocessed!”

“The range is European Certified Organic and minimally processed to ensure the “super” quality and nutrient integrity is protected. It is everyday products for Energy, Vitality and Radiance, to simply LOVE LIFE – LIVE WELL – LOVE RAW.”

So don’t forget to enter our competition by sending in a photo, recipe or both of your creations made using rice malt syrup or dextrose: http://bit.ly/WIN_TSBU. You will then have a chance to win products from not only J’adore Raw, but also Equagold, Brookfarm, Melinda’s Gluten Free Goodies, Hungry Tums, Mayvers, Health Magic and of course The Sugar Breakup Organic Golden Rice Malt Syrup and Dextrose.

tsbu signoff TSBU 425x85

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