What Does Pure-State Mean?

Pure state mayversWe approached Mayver’s about being in our competition because they are passionate about bringing healthy food to Australians on every supermarket shelf.

Yesterday we learnt about Mayver’s products being pure-state and we thought some of you may be wondering what this means.

You’ve probably heard about functional foods, wholefoods and superfoods from the health food store, but do you know about the amazing power of eating pure-state foods?

Not sure about all the above food jargon? Let’s break it down:

  • Superfoods are a group of foods that have an extraordinary amount of nutrients packed into a small amount of food. Think chia seeds, cacao, cinnamon.
  • Wholefoods are food that’s in it’s most natural state. Think organic apples fresh off the tree, wild fish from the ocean.
  • Functional foods are food that have a health benefit added to them. Think calcium in milk, iodine in salt.

And then we have pure-state foods which are functional whole superfoods with a proven health benefit — and this is what Mayver’s foods are all about.

Here’s what Mayver’s have to say about it:

tsbu mayvers 320w product image pure state“By crushing the nuts and seeds it is easier for your body to absorb the nutritional benefits and there is absolutely no added oil, salt, dairy, gluten, hardened fats or any chemical nasties in our jars.

Like our new Super Spread Original. Being 100% pure-state it is just sesame, chia seeds, almonds, peanuts, cashews, brazil nuts and hazelnuts that have been crushed, blended and bottled. It is perfect mixed into your favourite smoothie, through pasta, into a salad dressing or straight out of the jar!

Plus there is also our 2 new pure-state Super Natural Peanut Butters which are made from just crushed Australian Peanuts with a lil touch of sea salt. They have absolutely no added anything (being just the crushed nuts and salt) so are perfect as a guilt-free peanut butter fix. New Super Spreads and Super Natural Peanut Butters are available now in Woolies.

At Mayver’s we’ve made it our mission to make the demand for pure-state, wholefoods an affordable possibility, so every Australian family can embrace the pure-state functional food way of life.

Easier than growing, harvesting and producing yourself, the pure-state functional food movement brings consumers ready-made foods made from only pure, natural ingredients that are as close to home-made as possible.

And here’s the best part. Everyone benefits. The health-conscious, the calorie-counters and the super fit. People who suffer from Coaelic disease, diabetes or heart troubles. Those with gluten, dairy or wheat intolerances. Children, families and everyday Australians wanting a healthy alternative to processed foods.”

So look out for our recipe tomorrow night that we’ve created with a variety of Mayver’s spreads.

And don’t forget to enter our competition by sending in a recipe or a cooking photo with rice malt syrup, or dextrose. Be quick, there are weekly prizes to be won and you can enter more than once!

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