Mayver’s – Better for you. Naturally

We are very happy that Mayver’s agreed to be one of our competition partners. We picked Mayver’s because their company director Paul Raff believes that Australians deserve better options on their supermarket shelves. Mayver’s has worked hard to develop a range of sugar free wholefood table spreads guaranteed to help more people get the nutrition they need without compromising on taste.

Here’s more on Mayver’s in their own words:

“Mayver’s is a small Australian family brand owned and operated by Paul Raff, a 36yr-old father of two and a man on a mission for making a healthier, happier Australia, one pure-state jar at a time. Paul has a real passion for creating healthy pure-state alternatives to the everyday sugar laden products on the shelf.

All Mayver’s products are 100% pure-state which means they are literally made from just nuts and seeds which have been crushed, blended and bottled. Pure state foods are functional, whole superfoods with a proven health benefit. The only exceptions are our dairy-free Dark Chocolate Super Spread which has 5g/100g of cane sugar and our Supernatural Peanut Butters which have a 259mg/100g of sea salt added.

Every other product has no added oil, salt, sugar, dairy, gluten or cholesterol.

We have made it our mission to make pure state foods easily accessible for everyday Australians so they can enjoy a healthier, happier life.”

Mayvers sugar free
has an enormous and diverse range with many flavours to suit different tastes. Mayver’s range includes:

  • Super Natural Peanut Butter – Smooth and Crunchy
  • Tahini Spreads – including Hulled and Unhulled
  • All Natural Super Spreads – including Dark Chocolate, Original Almond, Immune, Omega-3, Digest and Energy varieties
  • Low Salt Mayo
  • Organic Peanut Spread & All Natural Organic Peanut Spreads
  • All Natural Hazelnut & Cacao Spread
  • All Natural Pepita Spread
  • All Natural Sunflower Seed Spread

To name just a few!

Want to WIN some of these fantastic spreads? Then go to to be in the running to WIN our Prize Pack featuring Mayver’s spreads and other fantastic prizes.

And keep an eye out on Thursday for a recipe using Mayver’s spreads that will be delicious and super easy to make.

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