The Sugar Breakup has a new look!

Dextrose_RMS_together_2014_noshadow_13july2014_We’re a year old this month and we’ve decided to celebrate with a new look. Brand new labels for our Organic Golden Rice Malt Syrup and Dextrose and even a new logo for The Sugar Breakup.

We’ve had a fantastic year and learnt so much, our new look really marks the massive changes and growth we have experienced. We can’t thank you all enough for the love and support you have given us since we launched 12 months ago (you guys are awesome!) A year has flown by and we are looking ahead to many more.

All orders through our eStore will receive new look stock (so jump in now and place an order) and over the next month you will see our new look products at retailers. Still the same great tasting Golden Rice Malt Syrup and Dextrose on the inside with the new look on the outside.

But we’re not stopping there, we’ve got more BIG news coming over the next week that involves some fantastic partners and you guys. So keep an eye on our website, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for the next exciting installment.

tsbu signoff julia fiona 815x85

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