#Sugarfree, what does it mean to you?

sugarfreeOn the weekend I made chocolate ice cream. I then shared my creation with the world on Instagram and Twitter, taking a photo of its chocolate deliciousness with the dextrose used to make it and (hashtagging) #sugarfree.

Boy did some people on Twitter get cranky about it.

No I’m not a muppet, I understand that dextrose is powdered glucose which is one of the basic forms of “sugar” along with fructose and lactose. I wasn’t trying to trick or fool anyone, the ice cream was sucrose free thus why I #sugarfree since sucrose is generally known as “sugar”. Technically I could have used #sucrosefree but #sugarfree is much more widely used.

This got me thinking, would my tweet have got the same reaction had I pictured the ice cream with honey? Or what about maple syrup, coconut nectar, agave or even made it with bananas or dates? I suspect not.

And why the grumpiness about using #sugarfree? Every week we see hundreds of tweets, instragram photos and Facebook posts using the term “sugarfree” in varying ways. If we are going to be technical about it, the only posts that could be classified as sugar free are those that do not contain lactose (so no dairy products), fructose (so no to most fruits, no to a lot of veggies), glucose and no to variations of these three such as maltose. This would probably reduce the number sweet related posts that are correctly #sugarfree down to well… zero.

We’ve witnessed a whole lotta online anger towards people like David Gillespie and Sarah Wilson who continue to sit at the forefront of the ‘Quit Sugar’ movement so the reaction on Twitter didn’t come as an enormous surprise. What I don’t fully understand is – why the anger? Isn’t it a good thing to help people become conscious of their sugar intake, assist in reducing this intake, provide guidance on better food choices, yet still allow the occasional sweet (glucose or lactose based) treat now and then? Sounds pretty good to me.

Will we continue to #sugarfree? Yes! The positive responses we receive from our followers and lovers of our products completely outweigh the occasional negative kickback. So keep your #sugarfree tweets, instagrams and Facebook posts coming! We love each and every photo and message we receive.

Oh and if you’re now thinking about chocolate ice cream, the recipe is at the back of “The Sweet Poison Quit Plan” by David Gillespie. #delicious #fructosefree #SUGARFREE.

tsbu signoff julia

11 thoughts on “#Sugarfree, what does it mean to you?

  1. Sugar free means to me no table sugar, no fruit, no honey, no agave, no rice syrup, etc anything that will spike your blood sugar…which is the reason I am “sugar” free.

  2. I try to say Cane Sugar free rather than sugar free after being told many times that glucose is sugar!
    I also haveused Davids’ ice cream recipe and added coffee – makes a wonderful coffee ice cream :-)

  3. Julia, Keep doing what you are doing! There will always be knockers no matter what. Lets see in what condition these people are in years to come compared to us. Everyone to their own I guess and the help is there if they need it. I feel the best I have in many years and the FF lifestyle is really so easy!

  4. Oh David’s chocolate ice cream is thebest! We have it EVERY week and even used it to make my 2 year olds birthday ice cream cake! (Witch ‘sugarfree’ ice magic and ‘sugarfree’ ‘Oreo’ base (like a cake consistency). Was AMAZING!!!

  5. Keep on keeping on Julia, we are loving what you Gillespie and Wilson and an ever increasing band of “medical”people are doing to challenge the low fat indoctrination of the past 30 years. Bravo!

  6. It’s really sad that people waste their time and energy getting so angry about things like this! You do an amazing job and I love all your recipes and blogs! Keep up the awesome work!

  7. Some people are just ignorant thats all. It is becoming more widely accepted that fructose is the demon sugar. Keep up the good work xxx

  8. Isn’t it ridiculous! Seriously, if you’re not into sugar free or whatever else, scroll on! I use #fructosefree now just so I don’t have to bother with it!

  9. Julia, just remember when you are talking to sugar addicts you are talking to the addiction first, same with smokers and you will not be able to get through that barrier :( These days I’m very quiet about sharing what I do unless I feel very comfortable, and that isn’t often :)

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