How do I have a sugar free Easter?

Your Easter may not be completely sugar free but here’s some tips and recipes to try and keep it on the right track!

tsbu sugar free easter 300w exposure jpg photo-28The Egg Hunt

There are lots of affordable Easter themed prizes you can include in your egg hunt that aren’t chocolate. Novelty toys, fluffy chicks, fillable eggs, stickers and dextrose lollies. These can make up a great Easter hunt with a few eggs dispersed in-between. Kids love the variety of finding different things! You can even add to the Easter fun with bag and boiled egg decorating.

tsbu new-hot-cross-buns 300w exposureHot Cross Buns

We love Hot Cross Buns and using our recipe you will not be missing out on these traditional treats at Easter. Free of sugar heavy dried fruit but using chunks of apple and a good hit of spices you get the traditional flavour without all the sugar. Find our delicious Hot Cross Buns recipe here.

tsbu easter egg 300w exposure marshmallow egg jpgChocolate!

Throughout April we’ve shared with you some wonderful ideas for chocolate. Here is how to make fructose free chocolate using David Gillespie’s Sweet Poison Quit Plan Cookbook recipe with some of our tips from making it (many times) to get it just right.

What about traditional Easter Chocolate Marshmallow Eggs? Try out our recipe here, you won’t be disappointed. These remind us of our childhood and are delicious to bite into.

tsbu Chocolate Caramel Easter Cups 300w exposure jpgChoc Caramel Easter Cups

Or if you are looking for something really special this Easter try our Chocolate Caramel Easter Cups. We wanted to create a Caramello type egg but these are so much better! Love a salted caramel? Pop a pinch of salt on top for decoration and the flavour goes to the next level!

Have a fantastic Easter!

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