Chocolate Marshmallow Eggs

choc marshmallow egg 2Here’s an Easter egg recipe we are going to use for our family. It can be adapted in so many ways. With the marshmallow inside the chocolate you could also add jam, coconut, peanut butter or crushed nuts. There’s so many ways to customise your eggs.

  • Prep time: 2 hours
  • Pan: Silicone Easter egg moulds
  • Makes: 15 large half Easter eggs
  • Difficulty level: easy


2 tablespoons of unflavoured gelatine powder
2 cups The Sugar Breakup Dextrose
1 cup cold water
1/4 teaspoon of salt
1 teaspoon vanilla essence
150g 85% dark chocolate* melted

Putting it together

  1. Chop the chocolate into small pieces and put in a double boiler. Once melted, temper the chocolate. There’s lots of ways to temper chocolate using the microwave, seeding, Thermomix or thermometers. Below are different methods.
  2. Coat the moulds with the tempered melted chocolate and put aside to set. Leave any excess chocolate in the bowl as you can reuse this at the end. When the chocolate is set in the moulds, start to make the marshmallow.
  3. Place half a cup of cold water and the gelatine into a small bowl. Give it a stir and make sure the gelatine dissolves. Set aside.
  4. Combine the dextrose, vanilla and half a cup of water into a small pot on the stove. Use low to medium heat. Stir the mixture until all of the dextrose dissolves. Then add the gelatine mix (which will be a thick mass) and bring to the boil.
  5. Pour it into a large mixing bowl and let it cool for about 15 mins.
  6. After 15 mins add the salt and using an electric beater, mix for 10 mins, until it is light and fluffy.
  7. Place the marshmallow into the chocolate moulds and fill to just below the top, leave room for a thin layer of chocolate to seal the egg.
  8. Leave to set for an hour.
  9. Using the same method of chocolate tempering use the other half of chocolate and seal the marshmallow.
  10. Allow to set, then turn out, clean up the edges and decorate ready for Easter gifts.

Tempering Chocolate

  1. Seeding – Fiona’s method – melt the chocolate in a double boiler. Then take chocolate off the heat and add small amounts of chocolate pieces and stir. Keep adding the pieces until they just about stop melting into your mix. Then it’s tempered and ready to use.
  2. Microwave – Julia’s method – place chopped up chocolate into a bowl and microwave for 1 minute. Stir the mix and and then microwave for 10-20 second burst, stirring each time. It’s tempered when its just melted. If you melt it too much just use seeding and bring it back to just melted.
  3. Thermometer –
  4. Thermomix –


*Hang on, doesn’t chocolate have fructose in it?

Yes it does, we have used 150g of 85% dark chocolate so that’s 21g of sugar which is 10.5g of fructose. But across 15 eggs that is 0.7g of fructose per serve, a very small amount.

One thought on “Chocolate Marshmallow Eggs

  1. Yum. Any idea if vegetarian setting gel would work for this marshmallow instead of gelatin? If no one knows I might have to try it! Will let you know results!

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