The Sugar Breakup Hot 10 recipes

Triple J’s hottest 100 has inspired us to do The Sugar Breakup hot 10.

These are the recipes that we keep coming back to, and you the readers tell us are your faves. It was so hard to choose, we love them all.

hot 10 10 b corsican cheesecake ten 10 300w 300hAt number ten is the Gluten Free Corsican Cheesecake. Julia was inspired during the 2013 Tour de France by chef Gabriel Gate to create this absolutely delightful recipe. Our dextrose works wonderfully with dairy and its such a treat that even your sugar filled friends will ask for another slice.

hot 10 09 b cookie 2 nine 9 300w 300h crop exposureComing in at ninth place is the Ridiculously delicious peanut butter cookies. A Sugar Breakup crew member was reminiscing about his US Mum’s cookies and Fiona was inspired to create this buttery cookie. If you’re partial to a little bit of 85% dark chocolate, when you bake these cookies and whilst they’re still hot out of the oven, put a disc of dark chocolate in the centre of each cookie and let it melt through. Incredible and irresistible.

hot 10 08 b GF Cinnamon Coconut Cookies eight 8 300w 300h exposureJulia’s number eight is the Gluten Free Cinnamon Coconut Cookies. Great as a sugar free treat for the kids and so easy to make. Julia even made them on her travels in the US to starve off temptation at Disney world!

hot 10 07 apple crumble seven 7 300w 300h exposureApple crumble comes in at number seven. Julia had been making a sugar free crumble for a while and it’s such a versatile recipe. Can be used in so many ways as a delicious topping and makes a yummy dessert. Mix with fresh fruit, cake, custard, porridge or our breakfast recipes etc. The ideas are endless.

hot 10 06 b anzac biscuits six 6 300w 300h exposure ver2 DSC04690A regular staple at Julia’s house is the Australian classic Anzac Biscuits. A great adaptation of a must have biscuit. Loved by adults and children alike. Not just for January 26, this is an all-round biscuit to enjoy and why it’s number six in our top 10.

hot 10 05 b dales caramel nut popcorn five 5 300w exposure jpgSo delicious, it’s dangerous to make too much, is number five, Dale’s Caramel Popcorn. Dale is a wonderful fructose free champion and it was by lucky chance we caught up with her at the LCHF conference. It was here that she offered to share her fabulous recipe. At one stage in Fiona’s house it was almost a daily request.

hot 10 04 b Nut Butter Chocolate Fudge four 4 300w exposureOur number four is the Nut Butter Chocolate Fudge. Created by Fiona and always (and we mean always) in her freezer. We actually prefer it to almost all store bought chocolate. Such a great way to stave off any temptation and so easy to make.

hot 10 03 b biscotti three 3 300w 300h simple exposureThis was the hardest to place, but at number three is the Biscotti. Perhaps Julia’s first really successful sugar free recipe conversion, it is always in her pantry because not only is it delicious but it also lasts for many days. Julia always makes it and her vanilla ice cream together. They just seem to compliment each other.

hot 10 02 b vanilla ice cream two 2 300w 300h crop2 jpgWe are coming to the end and our number two Sugar Breakup recipe is the vanilla and coconut ice creams. Both created by Julia and dare we say better tasting than most sugar counterparts. Always in our fridges to accompany most desserts or just a treat on its own.

hot 10 01 chocolate cake b one 1 choc 300w 300h crop HD exposure adjustHere it is our number one recipe — the Chocolate Cake. It’s the same one Julia made for her own birthday last week. It’s that good! Who wants to miss out on chocolate cake when you go sugar free? Not us and we are so happy with this marvellous version of a chocolate cake. If you haven’t made it, why not? Give it a go, your family will be so happy to have this as a treat.

Don’t agree with our top ten? Why not let us know below which is your favourite Sugar Breakup recipe and tell us why it’s so popular in your household.

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