Yasmin’s Frozen Yoghurt

tsbu frozen yoghurtA good friend of The Sugar Breakup has been kind enough to share one of her quick frozen yoghurt recipes.

She sent me the pictures last night and I begged her for the recipe. It’s such a great idea for a quick cool dessert. Perfect for this hot weather.

Thank you Yasmin C – for the recipe, instructions and photos.

  • Serves: 2
  • Prep time: 5 mins
  • Need a food processor

200g Greek (or natural) yoghurt
200g frozen berries (any kind or mixed)
1 tablespoon of The Sugar Breakup Golden Rice Malt Syrup
Small handful of mint leaves

Here we go

  1. Place all the ingredients into the food processor.
  2. Whiz up and enjoy!


  1. No food processor? You could use a hand blender, blender or thermomix.
  2. Use any frozen fruit you like. Mango would be yummy.
  3. You could put in the freezer for an hour or two for an even thicker frozen yoghurt.

tsbu frozen yoghurt 3

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