We eat cake !

tsbu rms 393w RiceMaltSyrup_no_mirroringRecently in the sugar free world there’s been a lot of talk about dextrose and rice malt syrup for use in cooking, with debate on what different people use in their recipes.

We want to share our story and what we believe is a sustainable way to be fructose free using dextrose and rice malt syrup.

The Sugar Breakup team is a mix of many people. We are parents, type I diabetics, a dentist, weight losers, young and older adults. Our team is a wide range of people who want or need to be sugar free.

When we say sugar free we mean we don’t use sucrose (commonly known as sugar), nor honey, agave, maple syrup, golden syrup or molasses. They all contain fructose. Click here to learn more.

We actively try to reduce the amount of fructose in our diet, but recognise that fruit (with fibre) is still an important part of a healthy life.

We want to beat sugar addiction and reduce the amount of sugary foods eaten. But we know that the occasional fructose free sweet food can be part of a healthy life and it’s realistic to have recipes up your sleeve to cover the times you want a sweet treat.

If you have a family, entertain or just want to enjoy cake within a fructose free lifestyle then you need someone you can turn to for advice and the products to help achieve this. That’s why The Sugar Breakup was created.

The Sugar Breakup Dextrose - no mirrorWe’ve spent a long time researching dextrose and learned quickly that they are not all the same.

We wanted dextrose that comes from a single source, does not have allergy causing sulphites and actually works in baking. The Sugar Breakup Dextrose is consistent and even to get a much better baking result.

Our Organic Golden Rice Malt Syrup was another long research project. Again it was important to us that the product be organic and that it came from a single source. Like dextrose, we discovered that there are huge variations in rice syrups and we spent time finding the right one. The Sugar Breakup Rice Malt Syrup tastes delicious and it is a wonderful replacement for honey and traditional syrups like golden and maple syrup.

At The Sugar Breakup we are not all about sweets. Just like you we are normal families, living fructose free and we want to support you and your family in your sugar free journey.

tsbu julia and fiona the sugar breakup signoff handwriting dakota jpg

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