The Sugar Free Pantry

sugar free grocery shop jpgWhen you make the decision to go sugar free you need to start with your fridge and pantry. There will also be a big change in your shopping habits.

Removing all of the food containing sugar can be cathartic and educational.

Standing in front of a half empty pantry is strange. Chicken stock? Pasta sauce? Stir fry sauces? Tomato sauce? Breakfast cereals? Can all be heavy in sugar. What’s more, the amount of sugar in many foods is constantly climbing upwards with manufacturers keen to keep up with competitors. Just crazy.

At the start remind yourself that these products are harming your body and pretty soon you will no longer miss them. Be assured the taste for sweeter foods does disappear over time.

Family and friends may find it difficult to understand you no longer have sugar, traditional biscuits or chocolates in the house. But feed them cheese, nuts, tasty crackers and our sugar free recipes; they’ll soon come around.

Family and friends will have many questions about living sugar free. It’s great so many people are interested in better health.

Shopping sugar free is different. At the supermarket you won’t go down many aisles. Sadly there are very few fructose free foods in the supermarket. This is one reason why The Sugar Breakup was started, it was time to make products that were fructose free for ourselves and others.

Today’s photo is now a typical weekly shop for us. Most of it from the markets, the meat from the local butcher.

Recently we’ve noticed some great new food companies bucking the “added sugar” trend and producing some delicious goods. The big five we searched for this week were yoghurt (5:am yoghurt), peanut butter (Ridiculously Delicious), breakfast cereals (The Muesli), cocoa powder and chicken stock (Moredough Kitchens). We found sugar free versions in all of them from Aussie companies.

Please feel free to let us know of any other great fructose free products that we can share with our readers.

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