The Sugar Breakup Dextrose has arrived!

Buy The Sugar Breakup DextroseWe are so excited to be launching The Sugar Breakup Dextrose.

When we quit sugar (or had what we like to call our Sugar Breakup) we really struggled to find the right dextrose for cooking and baking.

Rather than trying to use a dextrose made for beer brewing?!? (that didn’t sound right) or a glucose powder used by weight lifters?!? (definitely didn’t sound right), we searched for a dextrose specifically for making our sugar free favourites and found it!

We’ve been having a great time in the test kitchen with The Sugar Breakup Dextrose and now want to share it with YOU.

So what makes The Sugar Breakup Dextrose so special?
 Fructose free
 Gluten free
 Specifically for cooking and baking
 Free of artificial colours, flavours or preservatives

Sound good? Then visit The Sugar Breakup store and buy The Sugar Breakup Dextrose now. With a $10 flat delivery charge within Australia (up to 5kg) you can stock up the pantry.
Ask for The Sugar Breakup Dextrose in your local health food store or retailer. If they don’t have it let us know and we’ll contact them for you!

Not only are we excited to be offering The Sugar Breakup Dextrose to sugar free (or fructose free) cooks but we’re also really excited to be sharing our fantastic recipes and tips for converting traditional sugar recipes to sugar free recipes.

Hang on, are you new to the sugar free life? Wondering why you would want to give up traditional sugar and cook with dextrose instead? We’ve covered that too, check out Quit Sugar and We ♥ Glucose.

We searched for the best dextrose, but we haven’t stopped there. We’ve got a couple of surprises in Rice Malt Syrup coming soon. So click on the “Keep Up” button (on the right) to “Keep Up with the Break Up” and ensure you don’t miss out on our Rice Malt Syrup news, future recipes and general musings on living a sugar free life.

Feel free to say hi and share your sugar free stories with us at or in the comments below.

The Sugar Breakup Team x

4 thoughts on “The Sugar Breakup Dextrose has arrived!

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  2. Hello
    Just found this when I was looking for fructose free recipes and was excited about this product as we are from NZ and use the glucose powder for weight lifters stuff which doesn’t work well in baking at all as it is far too powdery and dry, so just wondering if you know when the sugar break up dextrose will be in NZ??

  3. Is this product going to be available in NZ any time soon? What’s wrong with brewers dextrose compared to yours?

    • Hi Pamela,
      We are looking into delivery to NZ and hopefully soon The Sugar Breakup will be winging it’s way over to you. Your question on brewers dextrose compared to ours is a great one. We spent a lot of time researching dextrose for cooking and found that some brewers (not all) combine different dextrose from different manufacturers thus there can be inconsistency in the dextrose in the bag and also between bags. We only source from one manufacturer which we selected very carefully after testing out different ones.

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